Non-occupational travel insurance and accident insurance


Insurance for members of Finnish Cabin Crew Association in If Mutual Insurance Company


The insurance covers association members until the end of the year in which the member retires permanently, however no later than the end of the year in which the member turns 68.


Non-occupational travel insurance


The insurance is valid for non-occupational trips abroad from Finland or for non-occupational trips within Finland. Within Finland, the insured is not considered to be on a trip if he/she is at home, in the workplace, at the place of study, at a holiday home, en route from one of the aforementioned places to another, or if the travel destination is within a 45 kilometre radius of any of these places. The insurance policy is valid for a maximum of 45 days from the initial date of travel.

The insured also includes any children under the age of 20 who are travelling with an insured member. The term children refers to the insured person’s own children and grandchildren, the children of the insured’s spouse and any children living in the same household as the insured.

Travel insurance provides compensation, without limitation and deductible, for expenses accrued in the event of a sudden illness or accident during travel. It also provides compensation for trip cancellation, interruption or missed departure.


Non-occupational accident insurance


The insurance is valid during leisure or recreation anywhere in the world. The insurance is not valid for competitive sports or related training, nor for sports or leisure activities that have been separately specified in the terms and conditions of the insurance.

The insurance includes accident expenses and compensation of a permanent disability caused by an accident according to the terms and conditions of the insurance.

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Organisation insurance


The association members are insured by the organization insurance when they are taking part in the organisation’s assignments and events. Such assignments include meetings and seminars held by the association. For more information about this insurance, visit Turva's website at (in Finnish) or contact Turva’s customer services at +358 (0)1019 5110.